Trump Government Shutdown

President Donald Trump shut down the government on December 22, and has stated that it could last for months or even years.

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The Government Shutdown Killed an Artist's Space Sculpture

Trevor Paglen's highly anticipated space sculpture made it to orbit, but a shutdown-induced lag at the FCC kept it from inflating as intended.
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Why high gas prices make our economy look good

Despite the government shutdown, bad weather in lots of the country and more than enough nonsense going on in Washington, the US economy didn't do that badly in the first...
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Carmine 'The Snake' Persico, longtime Colombo boss, dead at 85

Carmine "The Snake" Persico, the locked-up longtime boss of the Colombo crime family, has died, according to his lawyer — who is blaming the partial government shutdown for "accelerating̶…
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Recently furloughed Staten Island park ranger wins $29.5M lottery

A Staten Island federal park ranger who was furloughed during the recent government shutdown just became a multi-millionaire, scoring a $29.5 million lottery jackpot, it was announced. Judith Smith…
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Couple arrested for trying to smuggle marijuana through airport during government shutdown

Authorities say Narueen Nooralla Gheewalla-Fayyaz, 28, (l.) and Osama Fayyaz, 29, of Richmond, Tex., were arrested on marijuana smuggling charges at a Texas airport Jan. 14, according to a report....