Tim Cook

Tim Cook

Tim Cook is an American businessman, engineer, and developer and is the current CEO of Apple. He is also the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to publicly identify as gay. Tim Cook was born on November 1st, 1960. (Age 58)

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Everything You Need To Know About Apple's October 2018 Event

As the stock market appears to be tumbling into the abyss due to blah earnings from tech giants like Apple, Tim Cook and Co. are hoping things turn around going...
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Tim Cook takes stage in Brooklyn to unveil new MacBook Air

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage in Brooklyn on Tuesday to unveil a sleeker, pricier MacBook Air, as well as new versions of the iPad Pro and Mac...
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Tim Cook endorses tough European privacy laws for US

BRUSSELS — The head of Apple on Wednesday endorsed tough privacy laws for both Europe and the U.S. and renewed the technology giant's commitment to protecting personal data, which he...