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Steve Austin

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Ric Flair, 69, Gets Medical Clearance to Fight in the Ring After Coma

There's no stopping "The Nature Boy." Ric Flair is cleared to return to the ring again after nearly dying, the wrestler told "Stone Cold" Steve Austin on his podcast, The...
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'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Reveals He's Given Up Beer

Anyone who was a fan of the WWF, and later a fan of the WWE, will remember 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin standing on top of the turnbuckle, smashing two cans...
New York Post New York Post

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin gives up beer — and weed isn't helping

WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin has lived up to his name, going stone cold turkey in giving up one of his favorite things — alcohol. The WWE superstar revealed...
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Lane Johnson still miffed at Patriots

Not long after the Super Bowl, Eagles tackle Lane Johnson had plenty to say about the Patriots. More than three months later, he still has things to say.

Eagles' Lane Johnson continues to take shots at Patriots

The Eagles' Lane Johnson is continuing to take shots at the Patriots, this time taking offense at their arrogance in comments made on Steve Austin's podcast.