Topping global media engagement yet again is President Trump. Pick a day and pick your story. The President is omni-present.

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1 Apr. 17
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86.1 Apr. 24
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Trump Politics
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2 20
Taylor Swift

Vaulting back into the top 5 is Taylor Swift as she set up a mysterious countdown clock that will strike at midnight tonight. Most fans think she is dropping a new album.

3 18
Justin Bieber

Fresh off his Coachella surprise and seemingly living on the edge emotionally is Justin Bieber. Fans across the spectrum remain fascinated by his life.

4 6

Beyonce re-enters the top 5 as she released a concert video, there are rumors of new music from Destiny's Child, and the Bee-Hive was livid that Ariana Grande was paid more then her for their Coachella performances.

5 12
Ariana Grande

Fresh off 2 straight weekends of headlining performances at Coachella, Ariana Grande remains in the top 5. She is now entering a rest period. We will see if this is reflected in her coming Index scores.

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