Coming in at #1 in global engagement after arguably the best week of his presidency is Donald Trump. From largely avoiding any direct hits from the Mueller Report, to watching his nemesis Michael Avenatti get arrested, it was a very very good week for the President.

2 5
Justin Bieber

Quite a week for Justin Bieber as well as he has announced he is putting music on hold to address issues in his personal life. Fans were either quite sad or gleeful at this news depending on their perspective.

3 5
Ariana Grande

Ariana has almost reached "royals" status when it comes to coverage and engagement. Nothing particularly huge happened this week in her life, but everything she does gets intense coverage and gets massive consumption.

4 106
Jussie Smollett

With yesterday's surprising announcement that all charges against him have been dropped, Jussie vaults all the way to #4 on the week despite only 1 day of coverage. Engagement was rabid as many people were perplexed and confused by the announcement.

5 18
Selena Gomez

Coming it at #5 with a mix of coverage of both herself and her past connection to Justin Bieber is Selena Gomez. Side note: Selena is the #3 most followed person on Instagram, trailing only Adriana Grande and Cristiano Ronaldo

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