Landing at number 1 for all the wrong reasons is Lori Loughlin. Looking like public enemy #1 as well after being caught cheating to get her daughters into college. Public engagement with this whole scandal has been intense across all media.

2 15
Meghan Markle

Meghan vaults back into the top 5 as anything written about her gets significant global engagement. Worldwide obsession with the British royals has only grown in recent years.

3 27
Kate Middleton

Like her sister-in-law, whenever Princess Kate walks out of her front door there is substantial coverage.

5 4
Jennifer Lopez

Landing both a massive rock and at number 5 on the Index is Jennifer Lopez. Her engagement to Alex Rodriguez received substantial world-wide coverage.

11 7
Donald Trump
Highest ZIG Ranking
2 Feb. 27
Highest ZIG Score
77.3 Feb. 27
Featured In
Trump Politics
  • Most Mentions
  • Most Coverage
  • Most Engagement
  • Most Followed
  • Category Leader

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