Climbing all the way to the top spot in global engagement this week is Ariana Grande! With the #1 song in the country and her very own Grande drink at Starbucks (We should have seen that coming!) Ariana is all over the news.

2 30
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez makes it female pop stars in the top 2 spots this week. Selena goes from #32 to #2 this week as there was widespread coverage about her new album and a flashback with Miley Cyrus that made the rounds.

3 2
Kylie Jenner

Remaining in the top 5 and actually climbing 2 spots is Kylie Jenner. The newly minted Billionaire didn't have any particularly huge news this week, but is able to keep a steady stream of tidbits about her life out there and engagement is extremely high about any of it.

The least shocking person in the top 5 is of course Donald Trump. The President makes the news with literally anything he does and since people are so strongly pro or con, engagement on all sides never stops.

Rising 82 spots this week is footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Coverage of the Champions League games and his rape case in Las Vegas received wide coverage across multiple platforms.

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